Cryptocurrency ENJ: Enjin wallet, price and news of the token.

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Start of the project -  2017

Country – Singapore

Standards of the token – ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, Ethereum

Listing -

Market capitalization – around $82 million

Total emission – 1000 000 000 ENJ

In circulation -  814 772 129 ENJ

Coinmarketcap rating - № 62

Maximal token price over the time - $0,493384

Minimal token price over the time - $0,015620


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ENJ cruptocurrency review

Enjin – is one of the three largest companies in the gambling industry, that was founded in 2009 and that developed the platform Enjin Network for the gambling community.

The concept of the ecosystem Enjin (comprising the platform EnjinCoin, Explorer, Wallet, Beam), according to the brainchild of the developers, is intended for the following:

1.The gamers are provided with an opportunity to transparently and securely (from any kind of fraudulent activities), to possess and manage digital products and assets without intermediation (P2P), to use the internal cryptoasset (ENJ) in order to procure and sell goods, and also transfer own funds between the projects. Besides, the real opportunity arose to make money, by increasing the activity in games, developments of other applications and activity in forums.

2. Content creators are provided with an opportunity to use and monetize assets at the cost of internal tokens (ENJ), that represent equivalent of goods and services of the content creators.

3. To form a trustworthy decentralized market for trading of gambling goods and items, gifts, subscriptions, unique rare objects, as well as to create and to launch a virtual storage for the content along with payment channels (decentralized gateway) for the one-level EnjinCoin system.

In 2017, the company Enjin conducted ICO and attracted around $19 million and issued 1000 000 000 coins. 80% of ENJ tokens were distributed among the members of the crowdsale, and 20 remaining percent were apportioned between the team of developers, consultants, and also incentive programs.

There is a distinctive property of the token, that lies in the fact that at formation of user's asset, its equivalent in tokens is being destroyed or annulated by the ecosystem. At the expense of this, the quantity of coins, that are in circulation, is decreased and, theoretically, it should affect the demand and price of the token, that remained in circulation. EnjinCoin (ENJ) is developed on the basis of ERC-20 Ethereum standard, and the following standards of tokens are supported by the wallet of the platform: ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155.

The flourishing and fast-growing gambling market, whose annual turnover has exceeded $100 billion and might reach $128,5 billion in 2020, is only highlighting the strategic viability of the project EnjinCoin, which is continuing the active collaboration with other gambling projects, while paying attention to expansion of own network, development of new tools and increasing of platform’s attractiveness: both for users of the platform and for developers. As it’s already known, the project Enjin is already in collaboration with Samsung and Microsoft. Its token ENJ is supported by the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10.

Moreover, in February of 2020 it was officially announced that the project has launched its gambling platform in the main blockchain-network Ethereum, which, in its turn, allows the developers of old and new gambling applications to conduct integration of their blockchain tokens, that are based on the standard ERC-1155 (the only token standard, that allows to create any types of assets, starting from currency and estate and finishing with digital art objects and games), not creating them from the beginning.

Besides, not later that in the second quarter, the developers are planning on launching a new Software Development Kit (SDK).

Charts of capitalization and value of ENJ token
Charts of capitalization and value of ENJ token

ENJ  token has passed listing on numerous exchange platforms, including  Inanomo , Binance, LATOKEN, UpBit, Bilaxy and is most often traded in the following pair combinations ENJ/USDT , ENJ/BTC , ENJ/ETH .

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