Cryptocurrency ELF: news of the token price and review of the Aelf project

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Start of project development - end of 2017

Country - China

Token Standard - ERC20 Ethereum

Market cap is about $ 46 million

Total issue - 1,000,000,000 tokens

In circulation - 544,480,200 tokens

Coinmarcetcap Rating - № 95

All time maximum token price - $ 2.77

All time minimum token price - $ 0.04734

Listing - over 30 exchanges

Project website -

Twitter -

BK -

ELF cruptocurrency review

AELF - a decentralized cloud computing network - is an evolving innovative project whose main idea is to create a cross-platform self-regulating decentralized ecosystem to unite all existing blockchains on its single platform (network), ensure an agreed coordination mechanism between them and maximize efficiency for solving any user tasks.

The relevance of this concept is due to a number of objective technical factors prevailing today that are characteristic of many blockchain networks: poor (or lack of) scalability, inconsistency of protocols between different networks, etc. Many blockchains work separately from each other and serve the performance of limited tasks regarding their segments. Accordingly, some need transaction speed, others need to improve scalability or decentralization.

To solve such problems, the authors and developers of Aelf created a new generation cloud-based cross-platform operating system for the Linux-based blockchain, which allows efficient interaction between any Aelf-based blockchains, which is the main basis of the network.

Those, other blockchains interact with each other through the Aelf core network. To this end, the concept of sidechains was implemented, which, in order to transmit information, must communicate with the main network of the Aelf OS.

Classification of sidechains are:

1. External chains of high importance (BTC, Ethereum and others);

2. Internal side chains in the Aelf operating system.

External sidechains of high importance are such fundamental blockchains as Ethereum, Bitcoin and other fundamental blockchains. They have the ability to build their sidechains;

Aelf internal sidechains are the side chains of Aelf itself, which provide and simplify coordination between all external sidechains, as well as solve issues of scalability, security, and processing of all received information in general.

At the same time, each sidechain is similar to a separate blockchain and is comparable to sharding used in various blockchain networks to achieve maximum speed when solving scaling problems.

The developers have chosen the DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) algorithm as a consensus protocol, which provides economy system resources and network speed.

In order to ensure operability and effective interaction between all sidechains and end users of the Aelf ecosystem, a limited issue of the ELF token was made, which became the main crypto asset of the project and the system as a whole, as well as subsequent distribution and closed sale to private investors.

It should be noted, that the developers of the project relate to it very thoughtfully and farsightedly (with an eye to the great future) and, therefore, the distribution of tokens looks like this:

ELF token distribution
ELF token distribution

A total of 1,000,000,000 tokens were issued.

In circulation - 544,480,200 tokens.

The leading investors in the project are quite serious and well-known structures, large investment funds:

FBT Capital, Bitmain, Huobi Capital, AlphaBit, Blockchain Ventures, HyperChainCapital and others.

It should be noted a rather strong and professional team and its ability not only to create promising solutions, but also to build promising partnerships. According to the news chronicle of the site, the project has already received serious recognition.

Aelf Enterprise is registered on the Google Cloud Marketplace and is available to millions of customers, including Paypal, eBay, HSBC, HTC and Deloitte, officially registered on AmazonWebServices (AWS), the world's largest cloud computing platform. Developers can use the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) Aelf Enterprise beta in the AWS App Store to quickly deploy their image and launch blockchain projects and DApps-decentralized Aelf-based applications with a few simple commands.

ELF uses the ERC20 Ethereum standard and supported by any standard wallet: Exodus, Ledger, MyEtherWallet and many others.

On average, depending on the market situation, a coin is traded in 2020 in the range of $ 0.05-0.15 per coin.

Charts of capitalization and value of ELF token
Charts of capitalization and value of ELF token

The ELF token has been listed on more than 30 exchanges, including Inanomo , Binance, Bitfinex, OKex, Huobi Global, BitForax, KuCoin and is traded in combinations of ELF/USDT , ELF/BTC , ELF/ETH pairs.

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