Cryptocurrency BAT: coin price and predictions of the project Basic Attention Token

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Token standard – ERC-20 Ethereum

Project foundation – 2015

ICO – May, 2017

Total emission – 1 500 000 000 tokens

In circulation - 1 430 500 738 tokens

Market capitalization – more than $308 mln

Coinmarketcap rating - № 32

Maximal token price over the time - $ 0,9807

Minimal token price over the time - $ 0,0662

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BAT cruptocurrency review

Basic Attention Token is a decentralized advertising platform with an open source code, based on Ethereum blockchain network and supporting ERC20 standard. It is a peculiar ecosystem, uniting content creators, advertisers and end users of the content in one platform. The platform is based on Brave browser.

Concept and project’s embodiment.

So, the main concept of the project is establishment of one integral platform for solution of many relevant objective problems and contradictions, already existing or accumulating within the global advertising segment of the Internet. An obvious need arose to provide an opportunity for the creators of the content, that they place in the Internet, to receive their remuneration (monetization); for advertisers to obtain interested target audience, while not losing their budget for non-efficient, annoying and expendable advertising; and for an end user to have a choice and opportunity to view the very advertising he needs, upon his desire, and receive the deserved remuneration for that.

 Concept of the Basic Attention Token project
Concept of the Basic Attention Token project

All these issues had to be solved on account of a new and effective technical mechanism.

Such solution was found and fulfilled by means of creating Brave browser based on Chromium. BAT (Basic Attention Token) was issued and integrated thereinto especially for this browser. Besides, the browser has acquired an imbedded crypto-wallet, in order for all the interested participants of the goal-oriented partnership chain to receive the coins.

While being a privacy-based browser, Brave started blocking annoying advertisement and collection of user data. By implementing this solution, the developers have eliminated “strange intruders” and proposed to users their progressive developments within the context of their idea.

In its turn, BAT token, that was issued, became sort of a tool of implementation of the very idea’s mechanism.

Chronology and sequence of project’s development.

Brave browser was founded in May, 2015 by Brendan Eich and Brian Bondi, At that, we need to mention that the name of Brendan Eich had been long well-known among the IT-community, since he is the creator of JavaScript and world-renowned and popular browser Mozilla.

In January, 2016 the official launch of the first browser’s version was held, and already in March, 2017 BAT token was created therefor.

In order to achieve the tasks set forth, in May, 2017 the project conducted ICO and public sales of BAT token, whereby $35 million were collected in a matter of 30 seconds. Such result was possible due to objective combination of clearly well-thought-out project’s idea, set out in the roadmap, and clear-cut mechanism of its gradual realization, along with credible name of project’s developers and founders.

By July 2018 Brave browser had already had the audience comprising 3 million of users and got into the TOP-10 of Google Play. By January, 2019 the browser had reached the audience of 5,5 million of users per month and welcomed around 28 thousand of verified creators and content authors on its platform. By the end of 2019 the number of cryptobrowser’s admirers had reached 10 million.

To date, already more than 340 000 content creators are registered. That is the back story and sequence of development of this pretty interesting and promising project, that has all the chances to obtain its well-deserved share of Internet-advertising market with time.

“With time” – since such Internet-giants as Google etc. with audience comprising billions of users, hardly see a competitor in Brave. However, let’s hope that the time comes when speed, scalability and privacy (not only money) will become the main selection criteria, sought-after by the community.

And for now, let’s have a look at the main market indicators and quotations.

Charts of capitalization and value of BAT token
Charts of capitalization and value of BAT token

Market capitalization of the project – more than $300 mln

Issued in total: 1,5 bln ВАТ

In circulation: 1 430 500 738 BAT

Currently, BAT is approximately traded for $0,25 per coin.

Trading of BAT token in the following pair combinations BAT/BTC, BAT/USDT, BAT/ETH is held on the exchange platforms, among which we would like to distinguish Inanomo , Binance, Coinbase , Bittrex , Huobi .

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