Cryptocurrency ARN: review of the Aeron project and price predictions

AERON logo

Project Registration - Belize

Start of project development - 2016

Token Standards - ERC20 Ethereum, EOS, BEP2

Total issue - 20 million ARN

Start of sales - 2017

Listing -

In circulation - 19 988 000 ARN

Market capitalization - $ 2.5 million.

All time maximum token price - $ 9.76

All time minimum token price - $ 0.1132

Project website -

Blog -

ARN cruptocurrency review

AERON is an Ethereum-based blockchain project designed for the aviation segment. It is the new aviation security standard for significantly reducing the risks of possible fatal accidents, embodied in a whole line of innovative products and ensuring agreed coordination of actions and the exchange of reliable data between all participants in the aviation traffic segment from aviation schools, pilots, maintenance services, air traffic control systems, authorized bodies, to passengers.

According to international studies, the main causes of accidents are:

The main causes of aviation accidents
The main causes of aviation accidents

Despite the fact that aviation is considered the safest mode of transport - the number of accidents associated with air transport increases to 3300 accidents every year. The main reason, as we see, is the human factor. For the most part, it is due to the lack of flight experience required by pilots. Also, cases of falsification of unprotected aviation databases (including a logbook) for fraudulent purposes were identified (unfortunately, late), which jeopardized the lives of passengers and many other people.

To solve these global accumulated problems, the professional team of Aeron applied blockchain technology, which helped to create an ecosystem with an increased level of integrated security of storage, data use and elimination of their distortion, which in turn allowed us to build an increased level of service and security of the flight system as a whole.

The code of documents and information is stored in an encrypted block chain and is a reliable, low-cost repository for information related to accounting data, property rights, agreements of the parties and all transactions, while maintaining transparency for users of the ecosystem.

All participants and users of the ecosystem support interaction with the blockchain through applications and the website, and the ARN token of the ERC20 Ethereum standard released for this purpose became the unit of access to the ecosystem, its development and interaction.

How it works:

How it works
How it works

The market capitalization of the project today is $ 2,480,824 20,000,000 ARN issued.

Mining is not possible.

At the moment, more than 19,988,000 coins are in circulation.

On average, now the ARN coin is traded on various exchanges at a price of $ 0.13-0.15 per coin.

Charts of capitalization and value of ARN token
Charts of capitalization and value of ARN token

Nowadays, the Aeron token (ARN) supports ERC20, EOS, BEP2 standard contracts and can be stored by many wallets:

Metamask, Exodus, Mist, MyEthereumWallet, AtomicWallet, TrustWallet, Paytomat, BRD and others.

ARN token trading in combinations of ARN/BTC , ARN/ETH pairs is carried out on exchange platforms, such as Inanomo, Binance, Tidex, Bithumb, DDEX and others.

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