Cryptocurrency ABT: review of the project ArcBlock

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Token standard – ERC-20 Ethereum

Total emission – 186 000 000 tokens

In circulation - 98 554 305 tokens

Start of sales – 12.2017

Listing –

Ranking at Coinmarcetcap - № 293

Maximal token price over the whole period - $ 1,66

Minimal token price over the whole period - $ 0,054302

Market capitalization – around $12 mln.

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ABT cruptocurrency review

ABT Altcoin is a token of the project ArcBlock, based on the standard ERC20 (Ethereum).

An objective, set by the developers, lies not simply in creation of a new blockchain, but rather in establishment of a new cross-platform ecosystem in order to simplify the access to various blockchains and decentralized apps or construction thereof on account of the cross-platform toolkit suggested.

Thanks to this “armoury”, a user will be capable of developing decentralized apps (DApps) with agile adaptation to all the existing blockchains: both already present and yet to appear in the perspective. It’s enough simply to use the ecosystem proposed and implement the adaptation of one’s projects for several platforms at once.

In order to carry on the above-stated task, the developers have introduced several technological solutions to the project:

1.Open Chain Access Protocol, enabling connection between the blockchains and protocols for interaction with the apps created.

2. In its turn, Blocklet, that is built up from the blocks (that constitute the basis of ArcBlock platform), while being a core of the project, provides an opportunity of using any programming language, along with a possibility of being complemented by users and being procured through the internal market (through utilization of ABT token).

3. Utilization of Cloud Computing – a technology of cloud computations that allows to use miners’ resources for effective data processing (by apps’ developers). In order to create apps, there exists an opportunity of using both cloud and own computation resources.

Enhanced platform’s functionality, simplifies interface are accessible both via mobile app and via user’s browser.

In order to protect communication channels, ArcBlock gateway utilizes decentralization, while supporting various network protocols (such as Web Socket, DDP, HTTPS and MQTT).

Additionally, depending on their task, developers can introduce their required protocols in order to expand the opportunities. That’s when the ArcBlock token (ATB) will come in handy.

In other words, the main goal of creation of ABT cryptoasset is payment of the cost of ArcBlock platform’s service utilization along with long-term and perspective development of the project’s ecosystem.

To date, the project’s market capitalization amounts at more than $14 mln.

186 000 000 АВТ are issued. Currently, there are more than 98 000 000 coins in circulation.

On average, an ABT coin is currently traded on various exchanges for the price of $0,14-0,15 per coin.

Charts of capitalization and value of ABT token
Charts of capitalization and value of ABT token

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