Blockchain technology in games

Blockchain games

How Blockchain Works

To understand what benefits blockchain technology has for the gaming industry, it is worth understanding what it is all about. So, blockchain is a registered transaction that is added to the same previous transactions. In this way, a chain is formed. Each of the transactions can imply many different actions. Speaking in the context of cryptocurrencies, a transaction is the movement of a currency. Each part of the chain is encrypted, so in order to insert a new transaction into it, the entire chain must be decrypted. As soon as a new block is added to it, encryption occurs and it is transmitted further.

That is, such a chain includes a continuous history of transactions, from the first to the last block. Blockchain technology is open source. And it makes it possible to safely conduct transactions, which are extremely difficult to hack.

As for the gaming industry, the use of blockchain technology is quite logical because it makes the blocks in the chain unique. By implementing this principle into the game, it is possible to obtain exciting and unique games.

Impact of the Blockchain System on the Gaming Sphere

Blockchain is a technology that the gaming market has been waiting for. This system is growing rapidly and logically, which affects different areas. Today it solves many problems in free-to-play games. That is, for those games that are available for free. But to get advantages in the game, you need to buy gold, crystals, items, etc. But not only such an application of blockchain technology is possible in this industry.

What Blockchain Gives to Games

Modern games are based on a centralized model. There is a server where all the data is loaded. And there, it is under the full control of the developer. The following information is stored:

  • Account information.
  • Server history.
  • History of events.
  • Items received by players, including collectible items, character items, virtual payment instruments, etc.

And since the base is the property of one company, the players do not have tangible ownership of not only the items but also the account itself. In general, such servers often suffer from technical problems, hacker attacks, blackouts, and unfair bans.

Blockchain Technology Is Applicable to Games

The development of the gaming industry is quite logical. Therefore, distribution databases operating on the basis of blockchain technology can replace servers. In this case, it will be possible to practice the protection and verification of digital information. This will concern the following aspects:

  • History of games.
  • Items.
  • Tokenized assets.

The main reason for the transition to blockchain is to exclude total control of third parties. That is, the assets will be their own assets, and access to them will be open at any time.

Ways to Influence Blockchain

There are several options for the influence of this technology on the gaming world. And the most common options are the following:

  • Obtaining real property. Players can have full control over their in-game items and account. Moreover, the assets may have a personal token.
  • Decentralization of the market. The most important element of the blockchain has also been implemented here. Gaming companies are losing the ability to manage the economy of games. Trading platforms are completely decentralized. Buying, selling, and exchanging assets takes place according to the peer-to-peer method.
  • Reduced commission and increased transaction speed are also possible. It will optimize payments.
  • There will be a formation of the game multiverse. Assets with personal tokens can be used by players at their discretion. Trade, purchase, and exchange will be available on other playgrounds.
  • Fair game. When creating distributed transparent servers that are open source, the mechanics of the game can only change if the majority votes for it. The way for hackers and cheaters is blocked because there are no vulnerabilities.

The best part for gamers is that there is no dependence on the actions of developers. Even if they decide to stop developing and supporting the project, the opportunity to play will remain. The game will be alive as long as the blockchain is in effect. And sometimes it will be even possible for completely different developers to continue working on it.

What Are the Blockchain Games?

The logic of the blockchain game is controlled by a smart contract. That is, neither the developer nor the players can influence the gameplay, including adjusting the rules. This can be explained more clearly with an example. Imagine that the user is developing character skills. For this, he needs to take part in a race or find items. So he opens a treasure chest or sells a resource to another player. Each of these actions is a transaction. As a result of performing the action, the player possesses a digital asset, which is transferred to his account. It is the smart contract that guarantees that the terms of the transaction stated in the game will initially be fulfilled.

That is, the gameplay can be efficiently and honestly monetized. At the same time, all parties are guaranteed to get their things. One side will get a digital asset, while the other will get a resource from the game.

What Things Blockchain Games Are Able to Give to Players

This direction of gaming is still developing. But soon, it will be possible to earn money for the rent of virtual real estate. For example, this can be a castle during your absence. From the technical side, blockchain gaming is a video game based on blockchain technology. They introduce part of the game logic into smart contracts. And cryptocurrencies are used as an in-game tool.

This technique helps to build a real-life economic concept in the game and create an open economy. It will be based on real currencies, not just virtual bonuses and coins.

A striking example is a player, who created an incredibly beautiful castle in his favorite game, spent a lot of time and effort on it. But then a new, even more exciting game appears on the market and you need to spend money on it. The way out is to rent that very incredible castle. And use the earned money for a new game.

There is another option. It is possible not just to release coins on other playgrounds, but to monetize your effort by selling, for example, artifacts. This will allow you to have a stable and fairly good income.

The main advantage of blockchain gaming is in monetizing the time spent in the game. Moreover, there will be more and more options for this time. As a result, true fans and pros will receive not only pleasure but also real income. That is, it can become one of the professions in the future.

Expected Blockchain Games

Since blockchain gaming is actively developing and has many fans, new products in this area are eagerly awaited. Some of them are the following:

A1 Fighters. The developers position this project as a gaming platform. Players will have to take part in the battle royal and thereby earn tokens created on the Ethereum and Tron blockchain. To do this, you don't even need to install applications. You only need a wallet to get your funds.

Unland. The game is based on the EOS blockchain. It is similar to Monopoly. Users get the opportunity to buy and sell real estate. Of course, it is virtual. But the profit they receive from this can be monetized. Right now, this game is only available in the US. But soon it should appear in other countries.

SkyWeaver. This is a card game based on the Ethereum blockchain. The task of the players is to collect decks of unique cards and with their help, fight with other users. Some cards are available for free, while others can be bought, exchanged, gifted to friends, and even destroyed.

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