BBST Investment product

In the context of an unstable situation in the crypto market, we continue to expand product offerings for our users.

🤝 This time we have added a profitable investment product on the exchange - earnings on traffic arbitrage*

 We have been actively testing this product since November 2022. The average profitability for these six months is over 10% per month!

There are currently $2.2 million in working capital.

Interaction with the product for users is presented in two ways:

through the BBST token: the price of the token is formed by us due to the flow of liquidity and profit from the product, which means that the user can receive, in addition to the main income from the product, also speculative due to the growth of the BBST rate.

The issue of the token is limited to 20 million, of which half is allocated for sale, and the rest for accrual of income from staking.

The more client funds will end up in the turnover of the product through the token, the higher the average price of the token will be!

through USDT and USDC staking. The minimum terms of each of them are 30 or 14 days, and the yield is 9% and 2.5%, accordingly.

There is no speculative factor of influence in this method, therefore, in the case of a higher monthly income on the product, it will be impossible to receive this additional profit, but the risk is limited by the minimum profitability.

*Traffic arbitrage is earnings on the difference between the cost that customers are willing to pay for the implementation of the target action by attracted customers and our costs, as a performer, to attract these customers.

🍰 Cherry on the cake: the next step is to finalize staking and start INOM accounting to increase the profitability of the product!

Yes, yes, the owners of the exchange token will receive additional profit in the form of higher% on investment products, and for the rest of the users, the basic yield will be reduced.

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