About the work done and plans for the future #4

About the work done

 1. Finally, we’ve elaborated a comprehensive software which provides seamless interaction between the services and interfaces. Henceforward they communicate through a single API (over a single Hub). This is primarily done for performance and many supplemental features (which are described in the following paragraphs); 

 2. We’re in the process of completing the implementation of a new account service, which provides users with good and valuable payment system! The old type of the Wallet will retire, and a much more technological tool will come in its place. There will be merchant and API for business and private clients; 

 3. This week we plan to present an update of 2FA (two-factor authentication). So far, only withdrawals will be limited (this restriction cannot be lifted - if 2FA is enabled, the withdrawal can be conducted only through this option). Renewed and improved version of our application will serve as an opportunity to confirm such transactions due to the push notification system as well. Previously, only the confirmation of the withdrawal’s request was encrypted; from now on the request’s body itself will be encrypted too (which will greatly improve the safety of client’s funds and security). Additionally, you’ll be able to limit any of your actions on the exchange by 2FA (for example, while placing an order to execute). To start taking advantage of new opportunities, customers will be required to update the Inanomo Authenticator app; 

 4. Everyone will be able to generate the specific API keys necessary for their purposes. For example, it will be possible to create a key that allows your account to place only buy-stop order (and only for a specific asset), or make only deposit/withdrawal operations without making any trades in the market. These features will be implemented after the launch of futures; 

 5. The most anticipated and long-awaited theme - futures: 

We’ve finally developed the mechanism for placing an order (while escrowing margin funds), which takes into account the margin in various situations of deals with opposite directions. We have a lot of work ahead of us, because the most important thing is to avoid any bugs in such an important tool and ensure flawless trading process for our clients. We’ve already redesigned its functionality three times in 2 month (mainly due to the fact that every time we came up with various cases of how to «cheat the system»). Not to get ahead of ourselves, but we can say that the current version fully meets the quality standards for this kind of tools. 

Thank you for your support, stay in touch!

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