About the work done and plans for the future #3

About the work done and plans for the future #3

Dear customers! 

Let's talk about updates on the Inanomo platform.

1) Throughout May 2021, the cryptocurrency market demonstrated outrageous volatility (i.e. its relatively unique freedom); server traffic and upload, perhaps, increased to the highest point in the history of Inanomo. We have witnessed continuous efforts of other platforms to overcome the stalemate. Under the sway of day traders and speculators, many of them experienced equipment failure and temporarily ceased to operate. Anyway, our kernel upgrade at the end of April indicates that more than half a year of tedious work aimed at its development was worth it. Even bearing in mind the fact that our arbitration robot generates an extra workload on the processing core of the system (several times higher compared to all existing exchanges), we have not faced a single malfunction. Moreover, we find ourselves with a window of opportunities regarding performance improvements and quality assurance, but all in due time. First we wanna implement our immediate plans that you have been longing for.

2) Finally, a new commission grid has been completed. Fees will depend on the availability of the INOM_A token (which would eventually become an asset that powers Inanomo ecosystem) in the portfolios of our clients. As we speak, the given feature is being tested; it will be rolled out and become fully operational at the end of this or the beginning of next week. Also next week we plan to finish a new architecture of the affiliate program (which, in turn, as well tied to the possession of the aforementioned coin).

3) The integration of BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and TRC-20 into our platform is well advanced and is already at the final stage. We’re running late (according to the promised schedule), but there’s reason for everything - we have reached a decision to completely modify the assets storage system. In doing so, we will for good and all solve a fairly frequent issue, namely sending tokens/coins to addresses generated for other users. This problem was quite distracting for us, putting at pause such an important task as integration of other blockchains. We have no doubt that our clients deserve the best service of all possible variants, so the future convenience and user-friendliness merits the closest attention.

4) Lastly, we proceed to the fine-tuning and completion of futures contracts. We are keenly aware of the fact that our users are looking forward to the implementation of margin trading (perhaps, more than any other innovation). For this reason, our team will not postpone the given functionality and will endeavor to do their utmost. But as previously mentioned, it is necessary to progress without sacrificing quality. By the way, promptly after the release of futures, every one of us can get the pleasure of interaction with a new cool product. It is based in derivative contracts and, to our knowledge, there’s no such a thing among our major competitors and rivals (at the very least, we’ve not seen anything remotely like it).

5) In step with futures, we’re prepping a new market-making system for the spot market; adding new trading pairs and create the conditions of traditional arbitrage with other exchanges. All that stuff, together with a new fee structure and favorable terms of referral attraction might become reality sooner than you expect.

6) The creation of a new design is in full swing. Contemporary interface and modern styles, handy UX (user experience design) and simplification of monotonous actions - these are the welcomed advantages of the forthcoming design update. We believe that time has come to translate ideas into urgently needed improvements. Thus, we came up with a technical solution that would allow our platform to maintain the functionality of multiple trading accounts, while at the same time remove the unnecessary step of transferring funds through the master account (wallet). The balance (master) account and the default (trading) account will be merged into one. This novelty will occur in the next iteration (after the fulfillment of existing purposes and principles). 

7) The number of plans and products is steadily increasing, and yet 6 hands are no longer sufficient condition for every member of our cohesive team. So, we are expanding our staff and recruiting new employees (simply put, workaholics, like everybody in our crew =)). We very much hope that you’ll consider our proposal and provide an impetus to the agenda of sustainable development strategy.

Best regards,

Kirill Sadilov.

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