About the work done and plans for the future #2

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Dear customers! 

Let's talk about updates on the Inanomo platform.

About the new kernel: as has already been mentioned, we have ultimately completed the development of the new kernel. Whilst you were reading previous post, we were meticulously testing it and are proud to inform you that all the things run smoothly. During the last week, we carried out a couple of fundamental updates (which went seamlessly), but the main part of the update will be held in a matter of days. Such an enormous list of changes means that all the features within the exchange will temporarily be disabled. 

About new blockchain and minor refinements: immediately following the kernel’s modernization, we embark on integrating BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and TRC-20 (technical standard, used for smart contracts on the TRON blockchain) into Wallet. Simultaneously, a new affiliate program and a new commission system (trading fees) will be elaborated. They’re closely linked to the Inanomo Nominum token, an particularly to INOM_A (which temporarily represents the exchange’s official token - until we ran all the rounds of a secure IEO). Trust me, all these things won’t be long in coming. 

About futures: our next step will be the implementation of the much-awaited futures contracts! Once we succeed with the old code’s customization to the new kernel, we intend to launch a demo mode accompanied by a high liquidity (equivalent to spot orders). It’s necessary so we can test all the tools, framework and fault tolerance. By doing so, we can guarantee that our client’s finances won’t be adversely affected as a result of unforeseen malfunctions (if any). We are keenly aware that such an activity is far from being an enticing pastime for our users, so parallel to this a number of demo trading tournaments (with cash prizes) will be conducted on our exchange. This fact is intended to brighten up your trading sessions.

About liquidity: Due to the implementation of new algorithms and mechanisms (plus our desire to completely abandon other exchange’s liquidity eventually), we intend to add liquidity pools on Inanomo itself. Clients will be able to gain extra profit/rewards, provided that they place limit orders in our exchange’s order book. Waiver of outside service’s liquidity plays very crucial role in our long-term development strategy. On the one hand, it will allow us to mitigate counterparty risks; on the other hand it has multiplier effect on the profitability of our business. This obviously, in turn, is a favorable factor for our users - while economizing on transaction fees and charges, we can use these savings in a much more appropriate way.

Additionally, it opens a huge window of opportunities for Inanomo traders: ranging from internal to external arbitration, which, definitely, will make our service even more advantageous and competitive! 

Interaction with INO: while designing and scaling the game direction (this applies in particular to the realization of NFT cards) we encountered with an additional task: how should we organize marketplace in such a way that NFT cards (and plethora of digital art objects) organically interact with other Inanomo features? It’s a totally new direction for us; nevertheless, any minute we will announce ambitious project, where NFT cards have a relatively small impact on the whole process (but no less important from this).

About IBTN: the lack of a sufficient number of trades poses a challenging issue for us: what happens with this token next? We have no intention to search for its applying just because “it’s needed to be found”, no. You all know what happens when such a strategy takes place (INO farming pool). This time, we wanna create something as useful, as it will be relevant. As previously discussed, we shall consider several options, one of them being that IBTN will become a kind of voting token within INO ecosystem. As an alternative, we intend to apply IBTN in the mechanisms responsible for providing liquidity on the exchange. Right now we’re designing and formulating conditions, pretty soon an advance version will be submitted to our clients. Besides, channeling a piece of INO’s profits into the acquisition of IBTN (as has been proposed last fall), so the early investors can fix their profit - likewise a very conscious decision. Most probably, the final solution will be combined (consisting of a several aforementioned ideas).

About DEX: in the summer we plan to start developing Inanomo DEX. For us, this is another important step on the way of creating a unified infrastructure of financial products around the exchange. At the same time, we will begin the upgrade of Inanomo Wallet (where a special feature will be added: clients will be authorized to store their own private keys to addresses). The private part of the wallet will prevent you from trading on the centralized platform, but at the same time will be integrated into the decentralized part of the whole system. 

About PDS (Project Deployment System): one of our new features will constitute a project launch system. Alongside our partners, we’re preparing a very meaningful launch on Inanomo as soon as June of this year! It should be developed enough to allow us occupy a dominant market position, as well as provide high-quality services to many areas of businesses. We are counting on its perspectives from the point of view of promotion and advertisement: the more big companies will know about PDS benefits, the more unique tokens (with its own target audience) will be listed on our platform!

P.S: in the nearest future we’re finishing the implementation of all the features, which were announced earlier this winter. As you may have noticed, we even exceeded and extended some of our plans too. We’re eargerly awaiting new user-friendly design that we wanna present at the beginning of summer. Right now our goal is to wrap up with mobile application (balance and trading accounts), which, by the way, you will see in a totally new design! We continue to move on and conquer new peaks. Remember where it all started? From just a trading platform to a global infrastructure, where everyone can find useful and profitable tools suitable for wide range of requirements. As is customary, none of that would’ve ever happened without your support and expertise! There is a lot of work ahead, results of which will help us to delight our clients with each passing day. We promise to carry on like this and implement future plans as efficiently, as we do with all our products! 

Best regards,

Kirill Sadilov.

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