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Dear customers!

It’s time to make a brief summary regarding another phase of our work. Last week we accomplished a great challenge, which had been prolonged nearly since August 2020. Aforementioned task took us almost 6 month of tedious work (including interruptions for equally important purposes). During this period, we’ve completely rewritten the kernel code of our Exchange (Inanomo). The new framework has gained more productive capacity and, just as importantly, become even more scalable. From this moment on it doesn’t have a significant bearing on the tool’s quantity: 100, 1000 or even 10000 tools operating simultaneously - it does’t matter now, system works far superior. Performance improvements will finally allow our team to launch Futures contracts (after all the refinements for the new core are completed). It was a significant goal for Inanomo’s reputation, the implementation of which was presumably anticipated by everyone in our team. In the short term, just like we promised, we’ll proceed with INOM’s integration into our Exchange’s infrastructure. As a supplement to the plans that have been announced previously, we’ve many ideas regarding this development path, but first and foremost we’ll focus on the implementation of the most promising features. 


Perhaps some users already aware, but we are also working on a completely new interface of the Exchange (and particularly wallet). It will be more intuitive, clear and accessible, thereby enabling new clients to feel pretty comfortable on our platform and successfully manage with a seemingly difficult challenges. We’ve no doubt that this refinement will pleasantly surprise and inspire our regular clients as well. 


Incrementally completing the sequence of overriding objectives (which were announced long enough), we don’t dwell and are already setting new ambitious targets for both the Inanomo’s prosperity and the development of the gaming platform (INO). Allow me to reveal a little secret: in the upcoming months, you’re about to witness the announcements of 4 more co-branded products. They all belong to our company and aimed at entirely different target audiences. The Cryptocurrency Exchange platform Inanomo will continue to evolve as the center of a financial architecture that will provide assistance on impressive diversity of user intents and requests. 


In the short term, our plan is to integrate Tron’s TRC-20 technical standard into our ecosystem (particularly USDT), as well as fully integrate BSC (Binance Smart Chain) into our wallet. We could talk at length about pros and cons of this blockchain, but no one can deny its widespread use. So we decided not to remain aloof (at least for the time being). 

The next tidings, which will definitely not remain indifferent either of our clients: we’ve finally started the process of Exchange’s listing on CoinMarketCap. Add to this an implementation of futures on the platform (that in itself is amazing) and you can definitely say: it’s getting interesting with every passing day! 


Now let’s talk a bit about gaming platform - INO. Due to the anticipated BSC integration, several important tasks are planned: 

1) ING will also be released on Binance Smart Chain. 

2) We’re intending and looking forward to ING’s listing on PancakeSwap. 

3) We’re preparing direct integration of INO into Metamask Wallet in order to increase service’s usability for an even larger audience.

4) Finishing the implementation of the previously announced objectives relating to the internal mechanic’s changes. 

5) We got off to a good start while advertising and attracting the audience. 

6) Spoiler alert! The official launch of our gaming platform - yes, and trust me, that future will be here faster than you think. 

I’m eager to share many more details regarding our development strategy, but henceforth we would prefer not to walk twice into same water (while promising too many innovations in one fell swoop).

Significant progress has been made, many nuances escaped user’s notice, but ultimately all the perseverance and hard work will significantly affect the quality of our products. Customer feedback and work accomplished encourage us to carry on like this and develop our project unceasingly; thanks to our tight-knit community for all your support! We continue to conquer new peaks, which will undoubtedly ensure our platform’s thrive.

Best regards,

Kirill Sadilov.

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