About us

We are experts in finance and IT

Our apps for storing, exchanging and investing fiat currencies and crypto assets are combined in a single convenient infrastructure.

We do everything to make our service platform convenient and useful for both corporate and retail customers, ranging from people unfamiliar with the financial world to professionals.


Single infrastructure to store, exchange and invest

Single sign-on to all apps makes working with them faster and easier.

According to statistics, 80% of all users keep their passwords written down nearby their computers. We provide two-factor authentication to protect against unauthorized access and ensure high security level.


Benefits of using Inanomo Wallet

The most acute problems of dealing with crypto assets are high risk of fraud, which is caused by the specifics of the funds storing technology, low level of funds storing safety, and lack of anonymity of client operations (which is one of the original cryptocurrency postulates).

We use Multi-Sig wallets and a system of receiving and sending payments to multiple addresses to ensure anonymity of client operations in the blockchain and safety of client funds.

Using of Multi-Sig wallets

Each withdrawal operation of the client is confirmed by several master-keys (”signatures”), which reduces the risk of internal fraud and ensures high security level.

We store master-keys in different locations,
including machines without direct access to the Internet,
which eliminates the possibility of external hacking

Anonymity of customers’ operations
in the blockchain

Like any e-wallet or marketplace, we are bound by the law to require customer identification. But as means of preserving the client anonymity we use our own specifically developed system of receiving and sending payments which uses new addresses for each new replenishment.

Multiple addresses do not allow tracking the operations
of an individual client and retain its anonymity
in the blockchain

Using multiple addresses doesn't allow to track client's operations and ensures his anonymity in the blockchain.

There is a theoretical possibility of stealing the private key only during the operation execution, but in reality it's unlikely. For conducting operations we only use partial private keys instead of the master key, hence even case of stealing of a key the intruder will only gain access to the rest of the funds in the given address, but not all the funds in the wallet.

Digital marketplace

What we offer on Inanomo Marketplace

  • Convenient friendly interface
  • Usable arrangement of information
  • Nice fast graphics
  • Wide range of trading tools
Low fees and ways to further reduce them
  • Inanomo Wallet offers low fees for replenish and withdraw funds
  • Dynamic fee structure with lower fees for higher volume trading
  • Special conditions of fees for major market makers

Our fees start at 0.07%
and can be reduced

Affiliate program

Attractive affiliate program with rewards up to 50% of the volume of trading fees.

For details see “Affiliate program” 

Partner receives up to 50% of the volume of fees
from trading operations of the partner's invited clients.

High system resistance
to heavy loads

Before launching the marketplace we conducted stress testing. Stress testing results: when performing 8 000 000 operations in 24 hours the system server was loaded only up to 30%.

For comparison, the average quantity of operations on popular cryptoexchanges is in between of 600 000 – 3 000 000 in 24 hours.

Marketplace is ready
for huge number of customers


Algorithm of work of Inanomo investment portfolio

We managed to create a methodology, using which the guaranteed risk level does not exceed 5%, and the expected annual profitability is 20%.

Today you can join us if you are either an experienced trading professional, a person unfamiliar with the financial world, or a company interested in preserving and increasing its capital.

We manage a single
investment portfolio

Customer funds are aggregated into a single investment portfolio. Your investment will work as efficiently as possible regardless of the amount of contribution.

The manager is an expert or an automated system
with a specific trading strategy.

We choose an effective set
of trading strategies

All funds of the investment portfolio are algorithmically distributed among several trading strategies. If the selected strategy turns out to be effective, the losses will be compensated by the other strategies.

Time, t
Profitability, %

Simultaneous use of several trading strategies

We promptly react
to the market changes

Our objective is monitoring the situation on the market and promptly reacting to any changes in the market by choosing the optimal set of trading strategies.

Efficient switching between
trading strategies

Profit is distributed in proportion
to amount of clients' funds in portfolio

The profit earned on trading strategies is distributed daily to the portfolio clients in proportion to amount of their funds in the portfolio.

for details see “Investment portfolios” 

The client receives a part of profit
proportional to amount of his investment funds

Our goal is to create a single convenient infrastructure of financial services

We do everything to make our service platform convenient and useful for both corporate and retail customers, ranging from people unfamiliar with the financial world to professionals.


Kirill Sadilov
Founder & CEO
Ibragim Abdulaev
Anna Kolesnikova


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Inanomo Finance Ltd.
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22800 IBC 2015
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