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Inanomo — multipurpose platform
for fast and safe work with cryptoassets
MarketLast trade price24h price24h volumePrice chart
7 358.19 USD
225 BTCBTC/USD7 358.19 USD+0.67%225 BTC
7 355.88 USDT
405 BTCBTC/USDT7 355.88 USDT+0.78%405 BTC
1.0015 USD
195 556 USDTUSDT/USD1.0015 USD-0.03%195 556 USDT
0.023341 BTC
4 038 ETHETH/BTC0.023341 BTC+0.18%4 038 ETH
171.72 USD
5 464 ETHETH/USD171.72 USD+0.85%5 464 ETH
171.67 USDT
7 703 ETHETH/USDT171.67 USDT+0.97%7 703 ETH
0.006331 BTC
2 235 LTCLTC/BTC0.006331 BTC+1.58%2 235 LTC
46.58 USDT
4 655 LTCLTC/USDT46.58 USDT+2.39%4 655 LTC
0.013637 USDT
17 459 478 TRXTRX/USDT0.013637 USDT+0.12%17 459 478 TRX
0.00024979 USDT
198 115 636 BTTBTT/USDT0.00024979 USDT+0.31%198 115 636 BTT

Make money with Inanomo

Inanomo — the most technological platform for storing, trading and investing cryptocurrencies.


Looking for a “haven”? We’ve done everything possible so that your funds were protected.


Tired of waiting for money for 2 hours each time? Everything works instantly here.

Available 24/7

Smooth work without halting.
Got a question?
Just contact us for help!

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All-in-one infrastructure

Time is the most valuable resource. It is something we will help you save.

You will only have to login once in order to get every service available. The Single Sign-on mechanism will make your work simpler and more effective.

Wallet, Marketplace, Investment platform — everything is gathered up in one place.

Safe storing

Along with you, we are tired of constant withdrawing from exchanges. That is why we have implemented our multi-sig transaction system. Storing masterkeys in different places, including ones without direct access on the internet, excludes any possibility of external hacking. Stop wasting your time, nerves and money, paying transaction fees while moving your funds.

Now everything is at hand!

Effective trading

Lower fees? Only if for nothing.
Even in this case we have something to offer! Consider yourself a marketmaker — get a plus instead of a minus. But seriously, starting with 0,03% per trade. Even a professional auditor won’t notice such a grain of sand in the list of your successful transactions.

Smart investing

Feel like being good at finances?
You realise, that crypto should also bring percents? Welcome to the right place. We are fed up with claims of people who state that they earn 10% per month in crypto. Lets be honest: that time has passed. Understanding this, we have developed an investment product of our own. Take a look at our convenient investment system and become a marketmaker of an exchange by yourself!

Convenient interface

You can adopt the interface.
Simple. Adaptive. Functional.
Just have a go.

Mobile App — coming soon

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Start getting profit with Inanomo